How we invest

We invest according to clear and consistent principles.

We believe the most successful investment strategies are based on simple ideas, executed with rigorous discipline.

We are 100% active. 

We don’t follow an index, we just invest in the best companies we can find.

We don’t believe in buy-and-hold.

We like to keep trading costs to a minimum but, in an economy driven by constant innovation, we don’t believe it is wise to sit on the same portfolio for many years. As the economy adapts we aim to adapt our portfolio of investments.

We are global.

We don’t confine ourselves to any country or region. We aim to ensure your portfolio is invested in the highest quality companies, wherever they are.

We invest exclusively in those companies with the best record of consistent, profitable growth.

We believe share price performance, in the end, is driven by growth in the underlying company. This is why we invest only in companies with an impressive track records of cash generative growth.

We avoid companies that rely on excessive debt.

By avoiding those companies that have grown by over stretching their balance sheets, we not only avoid the worst aspects of financial distress, we also ensure that we invest in those companies that are growing because they have a genuinely good business franchise.

We invest cautiously.

We believe in efficient diversification. We like all our investments to be significant without any of them being large enough to dominate the portfolio.

We deal with mistakes promptly.

We are pragmatic not dogmatic, if we make a mistake we sell the company and move on. We don’t stick with losers.

We use sophisticated quantitative techniques to find the best pattern of growth and to manage portfolio risk.

By asking the right questions, and deploying the smartest algorithms, we can make the most effective use of data stretching back many years.

Humans make the final decisions.

While our quantitative systems can take us a long way, we still rely on humans to make the final decisions. Only with experience and detailed subjective analysis can we ensure that you are invested in the world’s highest quality, most innovative companies.

We charge fair fees.

We believe fees should encourage the best possible investment practice and foster a healthy alignment of interests between ourselves and our clients. 

We invest this way because it’s also our own money.

We invest our own money in the Equitile Resilience Fund.



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